Chimney Caps/Crowns

Chimney Caps
Chimney caps provide several practical functions:
1. They prevent sparks and burning bits from leaving your chimney and going onto the roof or surrounding areas (they are also sometimes referred to as “spark arresters”).

2. It prevents rain from going down your chimney, sort of like an umbrella. Rainwater can cause damage the inside of your chimney, because it combines with the creosote inside your chimney flue, which will erode the mortar inside. Rainwater will also make non-stainless steel dampers and other ferrous metal parts rust.

3. Chimney caps keep out leaves, branches, birds, squirrels and other animals including raccoons! (uncapped chimneys are an inviting place for critters to nest–they’re a safe haven for them against predators).

NEW! Customize your caps by powder coated them to match the color of your home!

  • Ivory
  • Tan
  • Grey
  • Copper
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Black

Chimney Crowns
Surrounding the opening at the top of the chimney structure, the purpose of a chimney crown is to cast-off water so it doesn’t enter the chimney flue. Properly constructed, a chimney crown will have an inch or more overhang to prevent water from running down the sides of the chimney. Each side of the crown is angled away from the center so that water will drain away from the flue.

Rich & John’s Complete Chimney Service offers expert repair or replacement of chimney caps and chimney crowns.